Visual Studio Code Has Launched Amazing Feature In New Upgrade.

With the new upgrade Visual Studio Code (VSCode) has intoduced a new feature if you are a hardcore programmer it will absolutely please you.

visual studio code

Vs Code and ChatGPT integration has been launched in 2024 .Github copilot is now available inside the vscode workspace now you can  easily  prompt any code snippet from within the vscode and paste the result inside your document. From  the start of 2023 ChatGPT is being prompted millions time a day only by the developers and programmers . As it is a LLM it can easily find any bug or syntax error in code within few seconds.


Visual Studio Code (VSCode) has recently rolled out a game-changing feature in its latest upgrade. Users can now seamlessly drag tabs out of the main window, enhancing flexibility and multitasking capabilities. This innovative addition allows developers to create a more personalized workspace, tailoring it to their unique workflow. What sets this feature apart is the ability to independently zoom in or out on these detached tabs, providing a granular level of control and adaptability. This not only streamlines navigation but also empowers users to manage their codebase with greater efficiency. With this newfound freedom to organize and manipulate tabs, VSCode continues to reinforce its commitment to delivering a user-friendly and customizable coding environment.

When your are using chrome you can drag down a tab from the top of the chrome and a new window of chrome browser is opened automatically now the same funcionality is introduced in the vscode. You can open a particular tab in a new window and zoom in and zoom out independently of each other. 

In another groundbreaking move, Visual Studio Code (VSCode) has integrated Copilot, elevating the coding experience to new heights. This cutting-edge feature enables developers to seamlessly interact with ChatGPT directly from within the workspace. By simply prompting anything, users can tap into the vast knowledge and linguistic capabilities of ChatGPT, gaining instant insights and assistance without the need to toggle between different applications or windows. This integration not only streamlines the development process but also enhances productivity by providing real-time, context-aware guidance. Whether it’s seeking coding suggestions, clarifying concepts, or brainstorming ideas, the integration of Copilot brings a collaborative and intelligent aspect to the coding environment, reinforcing VSCode’s commitment to fostering a more efficient and supportive coding ecosystem. This convergence of tools within the workspace is a testament to VSCode’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what an integrated development environment can offer to developers.

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